Imperial Time

The Immortal Emperor of Mankind has decreed the use of a standardised calendar throughout the vastness of the Imperium of Man. There is no excuse for not doing so now that the Adeptus Terra has seen fit to provide a Dashboard Widget to display the proper date instead of the heretical representations used by Computers up until 0553005.M03.

The Widget requires that most hallowed of operating systems, Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, to be present on the Computer that is to use the Widget.

Praise the Emperor by Downloading version 1.01 of the Widget (60 KB)

More information on the Blessed Widget follows below.

[Screenshot of Imperial Time front]

The Widget's front side shall display the current date according to the most Holy Imperial dating system, dividing each year into 1,000 segments (001–000) and appending the year in the current millennium. This sequence shall be followed by the letter M and the number of the current millennium, and prefixed by a check number to reflect the accuracy of the date being represented.

Thus, the above image shows segment 553 of the year 005 of the 3rd millennium (in secular reckoning, the 21st of July, 2005), with the check number (2) indicating direct psychic contact between the source and Earth.

[Screenshot of Imperial Time back]

Following the proper rites by clicking on the hallowed Flip Rollie, the Widget's back shall be revealed, allowing the user to set the date's accuracy with the blessed drop-down menu shown below:

[Screenshot of check digit menu]

Following such adjustments, the user shall click on the Done button to hide the Widget's back and reveal its front side to once again display the date according to the Emperor's immortal reckoning.

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