Dashboard Widgets

What is Dashboard? Put simply, it's an environment in which small, simple programs live, waiting until you have a use for them. You can read more at Apple's website.

Oh yeah, that's right—you need to have a computer capable of running OS X 10.4 or higher to make the most of these widgets. I though I'd mentioned that … In case your computer can't run this operating system, here's a handy guide to Running Widgets under Other Operating Systems.

Het Weer In Zeeland

[Het Weer In Zeeland icon] If you, like me, happen to live in the Dutch province of Zeeland, you may have an interest in a widget that displays the local weather forecast from the web site of local public broadcaster Omroep Zeeland.

Download version 1.0 here (184 KB)

[Imperial Time icon] Imperial Time

There's a separate page for this impressive, indispensible widget—click here to get to it.

SR4 Dice

[SR4 Dice icon] A widget to roll dice for the Shadowrun, Fourth Edition roleplaying game by FanPro LLC. Displays both the actual dice rolls and the number of hits rolled, as well as highlighting those hits.

Download version 1.11 here (216 KB)